Reasons to Use Aquatred in Horse Therapy

Lower leg injuries are common in performance horses, but that's also why it's so vital to care for those injuries properly. At Superior Therapy, they use an Aquatred underwater treadmill to assist in their horse therapy sessions. They love this because it helps heal those common lower leg injuries without causing stress to the horse. They are able to adjust the Aquatred to each horse and monitor their progress so they can get them back to being healthy and happy and ready to perform!
Some of the most common performance horse injuries they see include bleeders, upper and lower airway problems, as well as stifle and back problems, and they also like to use it for horses that are returning from a long break that need soft conditioning after standing in a stall for a long time. They see this a lot in horses that have had a fracture and have spent a lot of time resting or with simple hand walking exercises.
The horses that Superior Therapy treats are often skeptical of the Aquatred the first time they use it, which is why they start with just a small amount of water and positive reinforcement. Then, as they get used to it, they will monitor them and add more water as they get comfortable. The first session is typically pretty short but most horses are happy to come back to the underwater treadmill for the next session.
If your veterinarian has diagnosed one of the above injuries and recommended underwater treadmill horse therapy, Superior Therapy would be happy to help! Give them a call today to check availability for your horse and discuss treatment options. They look forward to hearing from you and helping your horse get back to the best version of itself!