Best Horse Caretakers Near Me

Steps for the Best Horse Care

Owning and competing with a horse brings a lot of joy to a person's life. Whether you're a parent managing a horse for your child, or an adult competitor caring for your own horse, here are some tips to provide the best horse care for your animal.
Just like humans need a proper diet in order to be their best, what your horse eats directly affects how well they will perform. Make sure your horse is getting plenty of fats and antioxidants with controlled starches. Look for high-quality grain and hay to feed them to maximize caloric intake. They'll work off these calories in training and competitions and maintain a healthy weight.
Set up a training schedule for your horse so they can be ready for their competition. Training should involve physical conditioning and task-specific schooling. Depending on what you like to do, this could include pole bending, jumping, flatwork patterns, barrel racing, or more. You should be working most days in a week, with a day or two off for recovery to prevent injuries to your equine athlete.
You wouldn't run a marathon with worn out shoes, so you can't expect your horse to perform with bad shoes either. Although a typical shoeing every four to six weeks is a good guideline, pay attention to your horse's hooves. If they are suffering from a quarter crack or are in the middle of a highly competitive season, you may need to schedule a shoeing more frequently. You can help maintain their shoes using hoof conditioner or adding more biotin to their diet.
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