The Road to Success…

Starts with a well thought out plan. That’s where we come in.

We design our plan for treatment based on your needs and goals for your horse. Each horse is an individual with different needs, weak areas, and fitness levels. Our goal is to provide the best care for each horse.


Need to improve topline? We can work on that. Rebuilding muscle after treating for EPM? We have a plan for that. Not sure how to return to competition after surgery? We can help!


Quality work is the staple of our business. We keep our numbers low, so we don’t have to rush through treatments. We work very closely with your vet to provide a treatment plan that works for your situation. We treat every horse like our own, and they love it here!

Underwater Treadmill

What makes our Aquatred unique? Versatility. We can adjust water levels to fit any size of horse, and condition any problem. Different muscle groups and injuries require different water levels to correctly rebuilt muscle and restore range of motion. Equipment is only as good as the person running it, so we evaluate each horse during their workout and mold our plan to that individual.

Looking to buy an Aquatred of your own? We offer both sales and equipment training!

Full Body PEMF & Cold Laser Treatments

Hundreds of studies over decades prove the efficiency of both PEMF and Laser in decreasing inflammation, accelerating healing, and in pain management. We are able to cut healing time in half, boost the immune system, train harder, and increase the oxygen content in the blood. Even healthy horses perform better after treatments!

Need some PEMF equipment for your own barn? We can make that happen! Rental options and Payment plans available.

Bodywork & Stretching

We believe that the best care doesn't begin or end with us... We will teach you how to stretch and continue to condition weak muscles once your horse is back home too! We also have Certified Equine Massage Therapists available to schedule treatments for your horse.

Cold Water Salt Spa

Lower leg injuries happen frequently in performance horses. Our Chilly 38 degree salt spa treats soft tissue, swelling, wounds, hoof issues, pain, and inflammation while letting the horse relax and enjoy the treatment. We can also use our treadmill with the cold water to help treat abscesses and circulate salt into the most needed areas.  We use a combination of exercise in both cold and warm water to be able to target certain injuries while reducing heat and inflammation. That’s why we love how versatile our equipment is… We can figure out new ways to treat chronic problems.

Treadlar Massager

Treadlar makes muscle work on your horse simple on you! This handy device helps break up scar tissue, muscle tension, while increasing circulation. The horses love it!! Custom tools make it easy to choose the correct size and hardness for different areas of the body. 

Wound Care 

Let us help cut healing time in half! We have specialized plans for treating proud flesh, post-surgery wounds, scars, and hard-to-treat areas. 

Why Do We use Different Water Levels?

Aquapacer Underwater Treadmill - We feel like the above-ground units are the most versatile for a variety of workouts because they feature adjustable water levels, so we can safely work horses of all sizes. Horses stay more relaxed and balanced when you adjust the water level to their individual needs. 

Filled up (bottom to middle of shoulder) - We use this water level for all post-surgery or injured horses. The higher water takes the weight off the horse's legs and allows them to build range of motion, muscle, and lung capacity without stressing joints or soft tissue.

Filled above the knee - This water level is for our performance conditioning and EPM recovery horses. The water still helps keep the strain off the joints, but encourages the horse to step and and over the water similar to a person working on a stair climber machine. This really gets that range of motion in the hips, builds that topline, and helps create a more balanced horse. Plus pulling through the water at this phase creates massive forearm muscle and increases that stride reach. Gotta get that cardio.

Filled below the knee - I don't use this water level as much as the others, but it definitely has great benefits for certain horses. They are full weight bearing at the level, but I can use it to strengthen lower leg muscle, tendons, and ligaments. This is great for rodeo or race horses that might have to encounter muddy unfavorable ground conditions. It also builds up forearm muscle as well. It's a lot of resistance and strain, so we save this workout for our fit/sound horses looking for that performance edge above the competition.

Dry treadmill - While I prefer water, it's nice to have a unit that can be used for dry treadmill workouts too. We use it mostly for evaluating progress with lameness cases, but it’s another form of exercise we can use to provide a different type of workout.

PEMF is the Game Changer when it comes to Healing Injuries and Saying WHOA to Pain!

PEMF therapy has been used since the 1970’s on performance horses and race horses, to treat fractures and injuries and to help in pre and post competition to aid in both warm up and recovery. We don't go a day without it at Superior Therapy LLC! Not only does it cut healing time in half, but every horse can benefit from increased circulation. It increases Oxygen in the blood by 200% ... Better performance, injury treatment/prevention, wound care, and all-around better horses! 

Respond Systems, Inc. has sold therapy systems to over 8,000 veterinarians, owners, therapists, trainers and riders world-wide, and is now used by the U.S.E.T. as well as internationally.

How could your barn benefit from having your own PEMF equipment? It's simple to use, little risk of over-treating, and a great way to manage pain without drugs. Horses love it and relax instantly.

PEMF therapy has been approved by the United States FDA for non-union fractures. Thousands of studies have been conducted over the past 40 years in both veterinary and human medicine reporting the effectiveness of PEMF therapy to treat not only non-union fractures but also improved tendon repair, nerve regeneration and accelerated healing.

Respond products have been in my barn since 1997.... Why pay per treatment for therapy when you can have your own equipment? Payment plans available. Contact us for more information!

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