Equine Services

How Long Does Horse Recovery Take?

When your horse gets injured, you want them to recover quickly so you can get back to training and prepare for the next big event. However, it's extremely important to make sure your horse is rehabbed properly to avoid putting them at risk for further injury. Depending on how the injury was sustained, horse recovery can take a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months.
A simple injury such as tiredness, sore muscles, or muscle strains make only take a few days to heal. It is often advised that you keep your horse in their stall to rest and recover. You may be allowed to continue with some short hand walking exercises to keep the muscles warmed up and stretched.
On the other end of the spectrum, recovering from surgery can take a lot longer. The first 24 hours are crucial as your horse is coming out of anesthesia. It's important to keep up with their prescribed medication to avoid infection in the first three to five days. Most veterinarians will advise that you only do hand walking exercises and otherwise keep your horse in its stall for up to four weeks post-surgery. After this, they can typically move to a small paddock or a stall with a run-in for an additional four weeks. Assuming all goes well with horse recovery, you can return to training after 10-12 weeks.
At Superior Therapy, they provide equine services for horses recovering from injuries as small as a strained muscle to as large as surgery. They can accommodate horses for as short as a one day stay, and up to 30 days or even longer. Give them a call today to discuss your horses needs and check stall availability at their facility in Guthrie, Oklahoma.