Equine Therapy

How to Find the Best Horse Therapy Near Me

When your horse is injured, you want the best treatment for them so they can get back to feeling like themselves, jump back into training, and get ready to perform for the next big event. Here are some tips to help you find the best horse therapy near me.
Training & Experience
When evaluating an equine therapy facility, look at the management's training and experience. You'll want someone that has been working with horses for a long time, has seen the types of injuries your horse is facing, and has experience healing those injuries.
At Superior Therapy, the owner, Summer Terry, was a barrel racer as a child, and a massage therapist for people for 14 years. She has healed the injuries of many of her own horses, and has experience providing the therapeutic benefits of massage to people, which easily translates to horses!
Personalized Treatment Programs
To make sure your horse receives the best treatment, you'll want to look for a personalized treatment program. When your horse arrives at the facility, they should be evaluated during a variety of simple exercises and monitored throughout their stay to ensure they're making progress. You should receive periodic updates on your horse's progress, at least weekly if not daily or every couple of days.
Variety of Treatment Options
At Superior Therapy, they have a plethora of treatment options that are used on as as-needed basis. These include a salt spa, Aquatred underwater treadmill, bodywork, and full body pulsating electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), which is an electrical current through a coil that helps to regenerate soft tissue injuries, promote circulation, and oxidize the blood. They also offer alternative therapies, supplements, exercises, and stretches that will best benefit your horse.