Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Information

When you book your stay, we send an invoice through either Square or PayPal. Since we only have 9 stalls and 4 paddocks available, our bookings sell out very quickly. We require payment in full before your horse arrives.

Our packages are an All-Inclusive stay, meaning we don’t itemize for every service. You reserve the length of stay and your horse will get the very best of all our program has to offer… AquaPacer, Salt Spa, PEMF, Theraplate, Bodywork, Stretching, Corrective Exercise, Full Board… It’s all included! Just call us the Sandals Resort for Performance Horses! (Specialty care such as bandages, medications, farrier work, chiropractic, veterinary recheck, ect. are available at extra cost)


Feeding Information

We feed KoolSpeed Equine Performance Feed and high quality grass hay. You have the option to bring your own feed/hay or feed ours. We believe that a well rounded diet is crucial to both the healing and conditioning process. So if your horse is having trouble maintaining weight/topline/body condition on what you are currently feeding… It might be time to talk about a change.  The healing process begins from the inside… So we have to take care of the gut and oxygen content in the blood… The body condition will follow.


Preparing for your Therapy Stay

We require all horses to have current coggins. Please make sure your horse isn’t coughing or showing signs of fever. Injuries, we can handle… Sickness, needs to go to your vet!

If your horse does not have on a FRESH SET OF SHOES or FRESH TRIM, you will need to have that done or we can arrange for our farrier to do it. We trim/shoe on an average of every 4 weeks on horses that are treading. Water and PEMF rapidly increases hoof growth, so if your horse comes in on 3 week old shoes… You Will Have To Reset Them. Why? Because when toes get too long, horses will slip in the tread and not be able break over properly. If they can’t break over correctly, you are putting extra strain on tendons and ligaments… And we don’t want that.


Will My Horse Love the AquaPacer?

Most horses go right on with a little bit of positive reinforcement. We do keep sedation on hand just in case we need to calm an anxious horse… We would rather prevent an accident than to have to retrain following a bad experience. We do not sedate every horse horse (Usually less than 10% require sedation), because we would rather see your horse in the most natural movement to be able to build a program that will fit your goals. The safety of the horse is our biggest concern, so we mold our program around having a happy experience. Once they understand how the AquaPacer works, they will always remember and go right back to it their next visit.

How Long Will My Horse Tread?

Depends… What is your horse’s fitness level before coming in? Water adds a lot of resistance even though it’s a low impact workout. We let the horses tell us when they are finished with that session. If your horse is showing signs of fatigue, we stop for the day and continue on the next day. It does no good to push that horse to the point of being sore and unable to work the next day. So when your horse tells us he is finished, we respect that.

We work on distance first then speed. Distance is what builds muscle mass, and speed adds more resistance creating a cardio aspect to the workout. So our goal is to work towards a mile in the AquaPacer, then to begin adding speed to each workout until a balance of stamina, muscle strength, and air capacity is reached. At the end of a 30 day stay, most conditioned horses can go a mile in around 20 minutes or less.

How is My Horse Doing? Can I Visit?

You will get weekly updates on your horse. I may not have the time to update you every since day, but I will make sure you are aware of all changes and have plenty of video and photos of your horse. I will make sure you you have a clear idea of our progress and what needs to be done to continue that progress after then horse has gone home. We believe in a team effort to reach the best solution for your horse! 

We would love your you to come visit your horse in person! Let's schedule a visit and you can see our program in action!