Horse Rehab

The Importance of Professional Horse Rehab

When your horse gets injured, it can be more than inconvenient. You want them to be back to healthy as soon as possible so they can compete in the next big event. But if not healed properly, they can be at risk of further injury, which leads to even longer horse rehab time and higher medical costs. It's always best to do the right thing for your horse the first time around so you don't end up turning a small injury into a large one. This is why it's often in your horse's best interest to turn to professional equine rehab.
Just as you would turn to a professional physical therapist if you injured your leg during running training, turning to a horse rehab professional is your best bet for getting your horse back into performance shape as quickly as possible. You can bring your horse to the Superior Therapy facility and they will have a stall set up just for them. They will run through some basic exercises to discover their weak points and come up with a personalized treatment plan just for them. They will provide you with weekly updates on your horse's progress and let you know when they're ready to come home.
An equine rehab professional will have the education, training, and experience to handle a wide variety of common performance horse injuries. Because they see so many horses, they see a lot of injuries and have healed them using a few different methods. What's right for one horse isn't always right for another, but they have tried many treatments and can gauge how your horse will best respond.
If you're in need of professional horse rehab, please call Superior Therapy. They'll be able to discuss your horse's treatment needs and schedule their stall at the farm. They look forward to helping your horse get back to their training quickly!