We have a true passion for horses.



Hey Ya’ll! It's Summer Terry here, and that’s my husband, Patrick.

I wanted to give you a little insight on my “why” and how Superior Therapy got started.

Like most barrel racers, I grew up in the saddle learning the basics of horsemanship and pushing the limits of how much glitter was actually acceptable in public. I was blessed to have had some really nice horses growing up that took me to the places I’d dreamed about. I set goals and smashed them. I learned the care, maintenance, training, and time that goes into the creation of a successful horse. I also learned how quickly injuries can sideline and end the career of a horse or rider.

In high school, I saw my first death from EPM. The horse was owned by a neighbor and I will never forget it. I've lost horses of my own too. If you're in the industry long enough, you'll meet untimely deaths, career-ending injuries, and situations you wish went differently. I feel like the tragedies we endure, help mold us into better caregivers. The experience helps us prevent it from happening again.

The Heart, The Soul, The Experience...

I've been that barrel racer icing a leg at 2am knowing I'd have to scratch the next day. I've been that owner in the waiting room praying one through surgery. I'm that breeder who lost a stallion too young to a fractured hock. We ask so much of these great animals, and I wanted to be able to give back to them. This is where the idea for Superior Therapy LLC was born.

I'm a 15-year massage therapist for people, and truth be told, a therapist’s work is pretty much the same from creature to creature. What we see in the structure of the muscle tissue... The balance (or lack of) and the ideal we are working towards. I was blessed to witness the healing capabilities of cold lasers in 1997 and have always had them around ever since. I'm pretty simple and I don't fall for false advertising. If I'm using something it is because I've seen results with it personally.

I can’t wait to meet you and your equine partner. Send us a message… Say hello… Have a question? I would be happy to answer it!

Love & Knowledge,


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Summer Terry for Treadlar Massager
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