• Summer Nicole Terry

Boring Self Care

I promise I'm not lying down on the job.... Well ok, technically I am, but I have a good reason for it!! 💁‍ Let's Talk... Preventing Leg Fatigue in Humans...

Your feet are the farthest distance away from your heart... So if we are comparing our Circulatory system to the solar system, your feet are Pluto. Your veins have to work a bit harder to return that stagnant blood uphill so it can cycle back through the rest of your body and exchange for fresh oxygenated blood. If you're like me and stand on your feet all day long, that lymphatic fluid and stagnant blood can get sluggish and cause swelling, stiffness, pain, and fatigue.

So I use this little trick I learned waayyy back in massage school. I take 10 or 15 minutes and elevate my legs, ground myself, and relax... This let's gravity help drain everything back and recycle quicker. It's kind of system reset, because you'll notice a lot less fatigue pretty instantly when you get back up. Your feet feel fresh and revived, so you can continue on with your day! It does wonders for the rods and screws in my legs. Give it a try! #selfcare #boringselfcare #loveyourbody

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