• Summer Nicole Terry

Exosome Stem Cell Therapy session

Getting that Liquid Gold.... 4cc of what I hope will be life-changing for me. I got to be one of the first 10 people to do the new Exosome Stem Therapy at Dr. William's office. He's currently the only doctor in Oklahoma doing this type of therapy. I'm thankful for his knowledge and guidance and to have a doctor that thinks outside of the box... I feel like I'll be a good candidate to add to the research and case studies... So here's to seeing how this works. I've been feeling tingling in different areas of my body following the shot.... Kinda weird, but not uncomfortable. I just need my body to stop fighting itself.

#autoimmune #alwayslearning — at Noel R. Williams, MD - Optimal Health Associates - MonaLisa Touch.

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