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Failures Fuel Passions...

When people ask me where my passion comes from... Here one place. This was my horse... I loved this horse. He's also the only horse I've ever taken a loan out to buy. He could run 1D, but mostly he just stayed hurt. I'd like to say I'd like to say I'm going to tell you a grand comeback story, but I don't have one. I had a lot of knowledge 6 years ago, but it doesn't even compare to what I've learned since. I thought these shoes were going to be my ticket to run him again. That's how they were described to me as I paid $300 for two front shoes. The therapist in me should have known better, but I promise you there's a big difference in things you think you know at 26 and what you actually know (and have lived through) at 32...

So as you can guess... These shoes were not magic. Collateral ligaments are just really hard to work with, and they don't heal without constant intervention and monitoring. He had white hair on his front legs when I bought him, no doubt from all the times he needed to be wrapped from reoccurring soft tissue injuries. He came with a history of injury, and it got missed on a pre-purchase exam.

What this horse needed was a facility like Superior Therapy LLC... Where he could be monitored and in treatment every single day. I didn't have that knowledge then... I could have saved this horse today. I spend time thinking about him... Regret that I couldn't do more. Then I remind myself that I did the best I could with what I had to work with. He knew he was loved, and he was happy. Memories like these haunt me, and they're the memories that push me to keep growing as a therapist. This is why we have 10 stalls instead of 40... I want to be able to make time for each horse and their needs. You can't rush healing.

I'm thankful for the learning experiences that come from heartbreak. I can't rewrite my past, but I can help your future...

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