• Summer Nicole Terry

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

. So it's been brought to my attention that I rarely talk about my background outside of Superior Therapy LLC. I've struggled with trying to find the right words. I'm not great at being in the spotlight... Put me in front of a group and I'll forget every sensible thing I've ever known... But that's my goal for 2019... To become more of an educator for the horse industry. I may be a small 🐠 but I believe I can make a 🐋 of a difference. . ➡️ Hey y'all, I'm Summer Terry. ⬅️ ▫️ Business Owner ▫️Barrel Racer ▫️Wife ▫️Dreamer ▫️ Problem Solver ▫️GoalDigger . 💜 The industry has changed so much in the last 25 years... people have changed too. I've never understood the masses that ask for questions and opinions only to argue their point or do completely the opposite of advice given. That is the state of our current social media in the horse industry. So many of the people I've looked up to for advice have simply quit posting. They've given up on educating. Our teachers are tired.... I'm trying every way I can to fight this. I want starry-eyed little girls to ask how to wrap a leg... to question Why I'm working their horse a certain way... I want to see dirty faces and jeans because the future of our industry is spending time playing in the dirt with their barrel horse.... Or playing "vet" with their equine partner. . . Do you want to know who Summer Terry is?... I'll tell you who she's not... . I am not someone who is going to close the door on all of the advice I've been given over the years. I'm only a single person, but I will try my best to properly educate every owner that comes through my barn... and if I can't teach them anything, then I will ask their advice and soak up any information I can. That's how I made myself... by asking WHY and by never letting myself get comfortable with enough knowledge. . . My information may fall on deaf ears 9 times of 10, but that 10th time might be the very thing that person needs to overcome the hurdle that helps them reach their dreams. Working with young people is so hard. So many of the want that 1D and have not a clue the hard, freaking work it takes to maintain that unicorn. It's blood, sweat, and a little of tears to make it. You better put on your big girl panties and strap in... It's a rough, rocky ride to the top. We are trying to teach you. Trying the save you some heartache. You'll be wise to listen. . . I refuse to stop trying to spread education, positivity, and Love. There's enough negativity in the world... Sometimes the worst of it comes from people we love most. I may not be able to change the world, but I will make a difference. You can bet the bank on that. When my life is complete, I will be able to say "I stood up for what was right and made a difference". . . I'm a competitor too, and I'll be honest... I'm pulling in the parking lot, thinking about beating you... but I want to beat you at your your best... and then I want to shake your hand afterwards... because I LOVE my industry... and I believe we are all winners in our own right. We all overcome hardships, and we need to lift each other up. Set an example for the next generation to take the reins. . . The world needed a family to support each other..... So God made Horsemen....

Love & Knowledge 😘 💜SNT💜

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