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KoolSpeed... The official feed of Superior Therapy

We 💜 Koolspeed Equine Performance Feed!!! It's sooo much easier to start with a complete feed than to try to dress up a lower quality feed with tons of additives... Adding too many supplements can be really hard on the gut and you don't know which ones will work together in balance and which ones won't. We like Simple and Proven....

Body…Fix the Mind KoolSpeed Equine Performance Feeds are specifically designed to decrease the incidence and/or lessen the severity of ULCERS and their side effects without losing any performance in your horse.

Through the use of a unique blend of ingredients, KoolSpeed Equine Performance Feeds more closely mimics the digestive pattern of feed stuffs that mother nature intended. Horses are, by nature, grazing animals. In our quest for performance, we have created some digestive problems. These digestive problems can lead to loss of appetite, poor hair coat, poor body condition, decrease in performance, jittery and/or erratic behavior, and loss of energy.

Another feature of KoolSpeed Equine Performance Feeds is that it is designed to slow down the consumption rate at feeding time. This promotes a more stable PH level and healthy digestive system. Through the use of highly digestible forage and fiber sources, coupled with a fat source and a small amount of nonstructural carbohydrates, KoolSpeed Equine Performance Feeds delivers the perfect balance of nutrients needed for a healthy horse.

This all natural, low carbohydrate blend promotes a calmer more trainable horse by keeping your horse "Kool" without losing "Speed".

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