Let's Talk... Dream Chasing and Overcoming Obstacles

Let's Talk.... Dream Chasing & Overcoming Obstacles

🔥 "Be Fearless in Pursuit of what sets your Heart on Fire" 🔥 It's easy to perfect your elevator pitch, to tell people about your passion, to explain your "why".... but do you actually believe your own talk? Is your confidence still there when you look at yourself in the mirror? 2019 has proved to be the year that has destroyed my comfort zone... This weekend, I'm finding myself at the American Horse Publications conference. I was so excited to sign up to go... Stoked to learn new things... Then I found myself being so nervous about having to network, putting myself out there to strangers, wondering how I'd be accepted.... Next came those thoughts of not being good enough, educated enough, qualified enough....

I'm completely guilty of letting my own fears trap me into missing great opportunities. I'll be honest. I deal with a huge amount of social, crowd, and camera anxiety. I always have. My comfort zone is being in my barn taking care of your horses that need me to heal. Let's be even more honest....

💁 I'm pretty sure no one has changed the world from hiding in their controlled corner of comfort. If Superman never came out of the phone booth, he wouldn't have to worry about judgement... Or saving the world either.

It doesn't matter what path you're on. Could be fear of failing... Fear of performing... Fear of judgement... If your goals are altered by fear, you're missing opportunities that could be life-changing. It's scary to step into the unknown. It's a huge leap of faith. What if you fall? But more importantly, WHAT IF YOU FLY??

How would your life be different if you spent every ounce of energy believing in yourself? It's a process and a journey I'm on myself... I may be scared of certain situations, but I'm learning to leave that behind... The fear may be there, but I'm not giving it any more energy. I'm embracing my positive vibes (and my inner Nikki Sixx). I'm just a person, but all it takes is one person to make a huge impact.

I want to encourage you to love yourself... Flaws, Fears, and all.... Comfort zones keep you from reaching your potential.

❓What would you do if you were truly FEARLESS???

attending AHP High Desert Media Roundup Conference at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town.

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