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Let's Talk... Internet Advice

💁 Let's Talk... Internet Advice

A therapist's thoughts on online forums... I love being able to learn from others online. I'm always trying to find new health groups so I can try to learn more.... But I see more and more people trying to use these groups as a substitute for veterinary care or taking their horse to a therapist.

Yeah, we are trained to spot muscle atrophy from a picture. I can spot weakness the same as a good breeder has already spotted every conformational flaw in a pic. And yes, sometimes the symptoms are so obvious that we can pretty well nail the problem from a keyboard.... But the only way to know for sure is to have someone PUT HANDS ON THAT HORSE. I jokingly say... My Hands Are My Eyes... It's an accurate statement, because so many times we start working on one thing and it turns out to be secondary to something else. In people, one of the most common ones I see is unbalanced hips causing neck pain on the diagonal. The person comes in complaining of their neck and I'm like... I can't address that until I balance out your hips and stop the pull. That's not something you can know from a picture on the internet (well I'd probably notice it, but you get my point).

When you have an issue... Go to the vet... Then ask the internet for follow up advice. Because... Betty Sue that told you long trotting your horse for 5 miles to build up the hind end may have the best intentions... But she couldn't see the muscle tear from a picture that your vet WOULD HAVE FOUND... Now that free advice has possibly ended your horse's career.

Again, I LOVE learning online, but I also love learning from my vet. If your vet doesn't explain and teach you, find a different one. You want the best for your horse and the intentions are in the right place, but sometimes blind advice can get you into bigger trouble.

Love & Knowledge 💜SNT💜

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