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Let's Talk... Routine Blood Work

💁‍ Let's Talk... Routine Blood Work ⬇️

How many of you do routine blood work on your horse? I'm not talking about a yearly coggins test, because it's required... I'm talking about doing a full workup at least twice a year (or more often if you haul really hard) to establish a baseline of what's normal for your individual. If you don't know what's normal, then you won't notice subtle changes until a HUGE problem presents itself. Blood work will show deficiencies, weakness, inflammation, pain response, organ function, infection.... Blood quality helps fuel athletes. You wouldn't use low quality fuel in your vehicle... You need to know the quality of blood that fuels your athlete.

This post isn't just about horses either... I'm calling YOU out too! When's the last time you had a full blood workup on yourself? Do you know what's normal for your body? Would you notice a tiny change in your health or would it take a total fatigue crash to get your attention?

I feel like people are so quick to try to self diagnose without doing some of the basic steps of general health. One of the horses that helped shape my career had PSSM. He was in the moderate to severe category (diagnosed by muscle biopsy... I do not trust hair tests because they do not categorize the severity of symptoms... But that's a post for another day) so we did blood work all the time to make sure his kidney/liver function was where it needed to be. If I had a long weekend of rodeos, Monday morning I was running in blood tubes to check everything. We were able to stay ahead of most of his issues.

I'm also a big believer in blood work, because I'm dependent on it to address my hormone and autoimmune issues. When fatigue hits, I make an appointment to see where my levels are. Usually there's always something to be found in the results when I don't feel well.

💥💥💥 IMPORTANT!💥💥💥 YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GOOD VET/DOCTOR THAT CAN READ RESULTS!!!! I wanted to make this statement known. Your cattle vet/coggins vet/small animal vet is probably not the best choice to interpret performance horse detailed Blood tests. Do you think LeBron James has his blood work done at the local quick care clinic? NO... So I encourage everyone to find a vet that specializes in caring for equine athletes. That is what level you are at. Your athlete needs different care than a trail horse... A warmblood has a different set of issues than a quarter horse. A race horse has different demands than a pleasure horse. FIND A VET THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS!

Same goes for you. Your local family doctor probably isn't going to look as deep into symptoms as a specialist will. Find who fits your need and establish a relationship. If you only pop in every 5 years when you have a health crisis... They have no idea where to start, so they have to build a brand new case and base line... That takes time. So I encourage you to be ahead of the curve!

— at Superior Therapy LLC.

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