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Let's Talk... What Rehabs Do...

❓Why should you send your horse to a rehab facility.... 🙋 Let's Talk.... What Rehabs Do...

🦄 We know how much you love your horse... All the time, training, and money you've invested in your favorite unicorn. So what can a rehab facility offer than you can't provide on your own? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 💁 Peace of Mind in times of crisis or injury - Having surgery on your horse is stressful enough, but then comes the long list of directions from your vet. How do you keep your horse calm in a stall? How do you know if he's actually healing correctly? What he develops ulcers from stress or pain? What if he's hard to hand walk? Do you have the time do ice, cold hose, walk, wrap, and do your other daily activities??

💁 We've got your back! This is a Normal Day at our barn! Rehabilitation Specialists have training to figure out the best plan of treatment, work with your vet, and use a variety of equipment to cut healing time in half on most horses. No need to pull your hair out, we can take care of almost any situation. It will be well worth your investment to make sure your horse heals correctly and is conditioned correctly to return to work.

💁 Fitness and Conditioning - You only have so many hours in a day... Trying to keep your horse fit at home can sometimes be a challenge with unpredictable weather, work schedules, and just life in general. Just like a person training with a personal trainer or physical therapist... A rehab facility has therapists trained to spot weak areas and build a fitness plan to correct these weaknesses. A stronger conditioned horse is less likely to get injured while competing and is able to handle unfavorable ground conditions better. ➡️Hello, Rodeo Season & Muddy Pens!

💁 Maintenance and Saving 💰 - You love your old faithful 🦄 ... We all have that horse that is our go-to solid ride, but as these guys age keeping them performing at a high level becomes harder. Working out in water is the perfect solution for arthritis, hoof problems, and less tension on joints. We have programs for all ages and fitness levels of horses. The better condition your horse is in, the more 💰 you save on injections, adjustments, and other treatments.

💁 Here's a few other things we can help you with: 🐴 EPM recovery 🐴 Wound Care 🐴 Airway Conditioning 🐴 Topline Weakness 🐴 Abscesses

Not every rehab will have experience with all conditions, but they should be able to give you a detailed protocol for your horse. Make sure the one you choose is knowledgeable for the services you need!

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