• Summer Nicole Terry

May the Horse Be With You Podcast

In my latest podcast, I take you waayyy back and tell you how I originally got started in laser therapy. We were using lasers to help maintain chronic conditions long before I became a therapist. This is also why I choose to only represent equipment that is safe for anyone to operate. There's always a need for therapists and medical professionals, but I am a huge advocate for you being able to maintain your own horse. If you wait until you get to the race to work on problem areas, you've already beaten yourself. The repairs need to be made before you leave your barn. It's nearly impossible to fix health issues on the road. The cold laser that this little girl ran on these two horses, is the same laser I still use as a therapist today. Quality, safe, reputable equipment backed by research... That's what you need to have in your barn. I encourage you to put your hands on your horse, learn how his muscles feel, learn his mannerisms when he's hurting, read his expressions, really get an understanding of his body.... I promise it will make your vet's job easier and save you a lot of money down the road. Need help learning? We can teach you! Thank you all for tuning in to my podcast and letting me tell my stories. If I can educate one person, then I've done my job to try to make this world a better place. You can find MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU on your favorite podcast platform or on this link:

— with Patrick Axtell and Summer Nicole Terry.

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