• Summer Nicole Terry

Our Journey...

Things I love about being in the health industry.... There's always something new to learn, and God always seems to make my path cross with people that are a wealth of knowledge and willing to let me learn. I've never claimed to be the best therapist... But I am a good listener and I'm always hungry to learn something that might help my customers. Common sense helps sort out the information I don't need to hear.... Faith helps me remember why I'm on this journey....

I have a couple of new therapies I'm bringing to Superior Therapy in the next few weeks and I'm really excited to see how they fit into our program. We may be a small, backyard facility.... But we have as much heart and try as any big hospital. People don't understand the sacrifices and the long hours and the prayer that goes into making our little barn what it is. At the end of the day, we are tired... But we are proud.... And we are always growing.

Find your passion and fight for it... Every. Single. Day. 💜 Be someone that inspires others! 💜

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