• Summer Nicole Terry

Pelvis Stretches for Performance Horses

Here's another look at our pelvis stretches. You can see me ask her to "set or flatten" her pelvis, then I slowly drag down to make her lift and tuck. It's also a good self diagnosis, because if there's any stifle or hock pain... They will usually buck up or kick out, because they can't hold the stretch. Start slowly and don't ask too much until your horse understands what you what from them. This stretch is one of my favorites for horses that develop a dip between lumbar and sacral regions... When that pelvis start to tip forward, you can have back pain and poor performance. This simple stretch will help correct that over time. If you want your horse to drag their rear and engage that cool hip action... You have to have the pelvis freed up and in good working order!

— at Superior Therapy LLC.

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