• Summer Nicole Terry

Post-Tornado Updates...

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, we decided to take a few hours off yesterday to just get away and decompress.... You'd think the worst part of a disaster would be the storm itself, but in reality adrenaline and the will to survive carries you through the dangerous parts.... For us it's been the following days when things have calmed down... The soreness from cleaning up has hit us like a ton of bricks. We all hurt. We are all exhausted. But we have to keep moving.... Now we are back to trying to figure out a daily work routine, but without the structure we are used to.

It's human nature to complain about a work day, or wish we had things easier in our barns... I promise though, whatever things I found annoying about my barn... I sure wish for them back. They weren't near as difficult as having to travel between two barns to do my job, but we are going to make it. We definitely are not quitters. I don't think I could get through this if not for my great friends and family... And my husband.

It takes a lot for a person who does not come from a farm background to come in and learn our lifestyle. Then to learn a lifestyle, a whole new industry, and commit your life to it... My husband is pretty amazing. He goes above and beyond for every horse and customer and friend in need. It takes guts to stay in a barn being torn apart to make sure every horse is safe. There's no one of rather have by my side through good times and bad.

We are working through what's to come next for us, so please be patient as I'm trying to get through returning messages and calls. Know that we appreciate everyone that has reached out.... We are just tired. I'm afraid we have many more days of being tired, before we reach the end of this. But we will overcome, and we will rebuild. Thank you for the prayers, donations, and thoughts.

— at Superior Therapy LLC.

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