• Summer Nicole Terry

Superior Therapy - On The Set

There's a lesson to be learned every day.... So I spent part of my morning working along side an 8 yr old girl shooting a commercial. Naturally, I felt completely out of my element and really thankful I only had a couple of actions and a couple of lines... Surely I can't screw this up, right?

Now let me tell you, this little girl is a pro... She killed it with both cuteness and skills. The thing I noticed though, is how oblivious she was to her mess ups. If she flubbed a line, she laughed shook it off and picked it right back up. I found myself thinking....

How many times do we feel the need to be "perfect"? How many times do we mess up and continue to let those imperfections eat away at us? How many times to we let those insignificant mistakes stress us out to the point that we end up completely miserable doing something that should be fun???

I'm so guilty of this... I find myself expecting unrealistic perfection, for fear of what others might think about me. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes we find ourselves out of our element. It's ok to be nervous, but like that little girl.... We need to just shake off the mistakes and keep on rolling. I feel like most times we feel like people are judging us, when really it's us judging our expectations of ourselves.

Today I can say that I learned a life lesson from an 8 year old... And I'm thankful that I did!


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