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Through Tragedy....

It's so easy to get defeated when things go wrong... Here's a story I don't tell often, because it makes me feel like a horrible horse owner... The mare at the top right was the first foal I raised by Bold Hollis. I named her Bold Beginnings, because she was supposed to be just that... The perfect beginning to my breeding program. Her mother died shortly after she was born, so there would never be another just like her. When she turned 3, I sent her to a guy that came highly recommended to break her. She should have been easy to break, I'd done all the ground work and even sat on her before sending her off. I'm not sure what happened when she left my hands, all I know is that he calls me saying she's bucking and he doesn't know what to do with her. I drive over there with a trailer, and a bad feeling in my gut. I find this mare half starved, covered in rope burns on her legs, and limping. I still don't know to this day how that much weight could fall off of her so fast or what actually happened to her. I hated myself for the situation.

Anyway, so we try to rehab her with no luck. She had ligament damage in her SI area and a front foot that had severe soft tissue damage as well. (Today I'd have options to help her in my therapy barn. You see, it's usually life experience that drives passion for medical careers.)

So I ended up selling a beautiful, unsound mare as a broodmare to Kimberly Sue Wynia. I prayed she would get a good home to make up for my mistakes. What happened to her has haunted me for years. She did not deserve any of that, and I've spent many days asking myself what I could have done differently. Well God obviously had a plan bigger than mine, because the cross of that mare and her stallion, Hez A Rare Deal, created the horse in the bottom left.

Meet Beginningsofararealibi. He's carried his young rider to an amateur championship and hopefully will have a long happy career.

Just because things don't work out how you'd planned doesn't mean there won't be something good that comes out of it. I'm also a believer that there are occasions when unproven mares are still very worthy broodmares. At the end of the day, all we can do is our best and then we have to have faith that it will guide us where we are supposed to be. Congratulations to this team and to Dealer and to my two horses watching from Heaven. I hope this story inspires you to not hate yourself for tragedies out of your control, but to have faith in a bigger plan.

#havefaith #Godhasaplan

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