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Weather Change Blues....

This weather change got me like ⛄⛄😞😖.... For those that don't know, I have metal implants in four areas of my body, so I'm pretty much a weather radar... We hear people joke all the time about their bodies predicting the weather. Do you know Why people hurt worse with changing weather fronts and colder weather?? There's actually an answer for that... Let's get science-y!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Studies have no been able to come up with a clear cut answer, but they have some theories. I read one study where 200 people claimed their knee pain worsened every time the barometric pressure dropped 10 degrees. Another study I read on hip pain, people complained of pain with a rise in barometric pressure. As horse owners, we know that barometric pressure makes a HUGE impact in colic issues. So it definitely plays a roll in body function. So why exactly does it do?

Scientists have a theory that changes in barometric pressure and temperature make muscles, tendons, ligaments, and scar tissue contract... and joint fluid gets thicker. So your body basically becomes that old diesel truck that needs warmed up to function. It also causes inflammation to spike. Everything becomes sluggish, fluid doesn't circulate like it should, and joints get rigid and painful. (I keep telling my husband I'm meant to migrate South for winter... I'm not sure he's buying that beaches heal everything 🤣)

We see these same types of things in horses that we treat in our therapy barn. This is why we stress to make sure your horses are warmed up properly in the winter. I cringe when I see someone just take off loping, knowing that horse's joints need to go through the motions of walking and trotting to warm up those muscles. Especially older horses or horses with previous injury. Horses are designed to function in all types of weather, but if you want the best performance from your partner... He needs a proper warmup.

Things we notice in both horses and people.... We are all different. Not every one will be sensitive to the weather. Everyone has a different degree of sensitivity. Degree of existing inflammation in the body plays a big part how reactive your body is to your surroundings. People with autoimmune disorders usually have quite a bit of inflammation, so if your body is fighting a war within itself... It's going to be more reactive to everything in your surroundings. Horses with a weakened immune system, leaky gut, ulcers are always going to be highly reactive to any sudden stressors or changes.

So the long of the short.... Healing starts from within the body. We could all use a bit less inflammation in our lives. Winter is coming... Warm up yourself and your horse before competing!! Increased Circulation is Never a bad thing. Some of us are very sensitive with the weather, we may work a little slower... But we are still trying! Be patient with your horses if they are a bit sluggish, and they will reward you with good effort.

— at Superior Therapy LLC.

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